On Friday, April 20, 2018 New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership will hold its inaugural education foundation recognition event at the Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, NJ.  This celebration of excellence will shine a light on education foundations, funders of these foundations, and key community partners that are working effectively and collaboratively to ensure districts can continue to offer the programs their students need and deserve by providing funding and in-kind support.

Award categories include:

Outstanding Education Foundation

This award will be given to the New Jersey education foundation that has made a significant impact on its school district.  This can be measured in terms of financial support, community outreach and involvement, district initiatives and/or student impact.

Download Outstanding Education Foundation application .pdf or .doc

Outstanding Education Foundation Program

This award will be given to an outstanding program that is either funded or run by the education foundation in its district. The program must demonstrate significant impact on students.

Download Outstanding Education Foundation Program application .pdf  or .doc

Outstanding Achievement in Fundraising 

This award will be given for outstanding achievement in fundraising by an education foundation.  The award will be given for an event or campaign that has engaged the community at large and raised significant funds for the district.

Download Outstanding Achievement in Fundraising application .pdf or .doc

Outstanding Partner – Funder

This award will be given to an outstanding education foundation funding partner.  The award may be given to a corporation, philanthropist or foundation that has given significant funding to an education foundation.

Download Outstanding Partner – Funder application .pdf  or .doc

Outstanding Partner – Superintendent

This award will be given to a superintendent who has been an outstanding education foundation partner.

Download Outstanding Partner – Superintendent application .pdf or .doc

General Information:

  • Nominations must be received by January 10, 2018.
  • Anyone may nominate a foundation, including foundation board members and executives, school board members, community members, or teachers.
  • Membership in NJEFP is not a prerequisite.
  • Please email completed applications to the NJEFP at megan@njefp.org.
  • You may also send the application to NJEFP at PO Box 8082, Red Bank, NJ 07701.
  • Award winners will be contacted by February 1, 2018.
  • Award winners will be recognized at the First Annual Excellence in Education Foundation’s Award Ceremony to be held on April 20, 2018 at Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, NJ.
  • Education foundations are welcome to apply in all categories, but you can only win in one category.
  • The national judging committee will comprise of NJEFP partners.  All NJEFP board members who are connected to an education foundation will recuse themselves from the judging process.
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Contact NJEFP, Executive Director, Megan Dzwonkowski at megan@njefp.org