Mission and Vision


New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership (NJEFP), a statewide nonprofit organization, is dedicated to enhancing public education in New Jersey by growing and strengthening local education foundations through education, training, collaboration and advocacy.


New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership’s (NJEFP), support of local education foundations will be essential to making New Jersey’s public education system the best in the nation.

About NJEFP:

The New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership (NJEFP) is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to public education in the State of New Jersey by empowering and supporting local education foundations, enabling them to provide funding for innovative programs, services, technology and more for their school districts.  NJEFP aims to support foundations at a district level so that each foundation has the ability and knowledge to meet its unique needs. NJEFP provides its members with information, support and resources.  Members are then equipped to establish, maintain and grow their foundations to meet the ever-changing needs of their school districts.

NJEFP strives to meet its mission by:

  • Promoting collaboration and networking among local education foundations, board members, volunteers and staff.
  • Providing assistance to local school districts, parents and community members in the creation, development and growth of their foundations through training and education in best practices, fund development, board management, governance, marketing and non-profit management.
  • Increasing knowledge statewide about the importance of local education foundations in New Jersey.
  • Collaborating with other statewide organizations committed to public education in New Jersey.
  • Advocating for public education in the State of New Jersey.