10/25 – NJEFP Presentation at NJSBA Conference

New Jersey School Board Association Conference
Wednesday, October 25 
1PM – 2PM, Room 421
Atlantic City Convention Center
Finding Alternative Funding; How an Education Foundation Can Help
This session will provide participants with information on the critical need for and the benefits of an education foundation. The content will include how to start a foundation, the legal and financial requirements, best practices in governance of the foundation and working with the Superintendent and Board of Education.  Also included in the session will be ways in which the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership, a state wide non-profit organization, provides foundations with support, assistance, fundraising strategies, resources and training, from start up to sustainability. Presented by the Executive Director of NJEFP, Co-chair of the Board of Trustees and a member of the Board of Trustees.
This NJEFP presentation is part of the NJSBA conference and only open to NJSBA Conference attendees. However, we encourage you to share this information with your district. Especially newer Board of Education members or key school district employees who may not yet understand the role the foundation can play in the district.

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